Top to bottom: Kayn Woods, Pallas Stark, Stevana (Stevi) Coulson, Theodore (Theo) Woods.

They’re from an inactive rp, so I don’t know how much detail I’m going to get into with the rest of their older pics. I think I’ll just copy paste stuff from my old blog.

“2 out of 4 of the main characters from Brook’s and my weird roleplay thing set in an Marvel au in which Tony Stark and Agent Coulson have children (and other things are pretty messed up but it’s all good) They were chosen to be dads because of our results in one of those “Which Avenger is your father” quiz that we had to answer truthfully and well haha.

Kayn Dean Woods: The older twin brother of Theo. To be quite blunt he’s a douche. He’s in a bike gang that he doesn’t care much about. Really aggressive and rash. Pretty dumb too, though he knows his way around cars, women, and street fighting. Sexually promiscuous up until meeting Pallas (and has a lot of strange fetishes that make me cringe a little).  Cares immensely about his younger brother and doesn’t hesitate to beat the heck out of anyone who tries to mess with Theo. (Surprisingly fun to write for but I put him through a lot of torture heheh)

Pallas Maxandria Stark: One of Tony Stark’s children. Seemingly your standard spoiled, attention-loving, rich girl. Actually very intelligent though enjoys to play dumb around others. A complete daddy’s girl. (I did the honors of choosing her name, purposely a tacky bad name hehe. It’s harder to describe characters I don’t write for honestly)

Stevana “Stevi” Rosaria Coulson: Agent Coulson’s only child (for good reason too). Yes, in this universe Coulson’s a huge Captain America fanboy that attempted to name his daughter after him (and this is why I got to name Brook’s character). She’s quirky and doesn’t get along too well with others and others don’t get along too well with her either. Tries to be nice anyway. Easily distracted and obsessed with technology despite her parents trying to raise her without such things. Also quite intelligent and that’s pretty much the only way she got into the high end boarding school she’s in. Prone to nosebleeds and fainting when overwhelmed.

Theodore “Theo” Plato Woods: Kayn’s younger twin brother. *coughs* Nerd. We purposely gave him some stereotypical super nerd traits (huge glasses, literal genius, weak as heck, sweater vests, and asthma). Surprisingly pretty darn gutsy at times. Tough emotional endurance since he has to deal with Kayn’s shenanigans all the time. Likes to act like a tough guy similarly to Kayn. Idolizes Tony Stark.”

– July 5, 2013

The very first of the marvelverse crew

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