“I was bored at work yesterday waiting for files to download and programs to run so I doodled some of the “newer” characters. From left to right:

Ika: An extremely mischievous soul eater who can be quite sadistic at times. She has a “crush” on Stevi (to the point of ripping Stevi’s soul of out her so Ika could be with Stevi). First appearance involved scaring the hell out of Pallas, Kayn, and Joker (lol). Ghostly powers and obviously soul manipulation related powers of course.

Alice Zorn: Theo and Kayn’s demon grandmother. One of the demons that Brook and I refer to as “pacifist demons” since she will not kill or physically harm another creature intentionally. Does like humans for some reason. Really nice and adores her children and grandchildren and their mates. Does not usually tell the whole truth a lot of the time. Current goal is to overthrow the current demon king somehow. Powers are plentiful and mostly unknown but currently revealed ones involve dimensional travel and biology related things.

Lucas Zorn: Alice’s brother and the current demon king (yes this means Theo and Kayn are royalty). Has no children on his own which makes Alice next in line for the throne. He hasn’t actually completely appeared yet so a lot about him is unknown. What is known is he despises all “pacifist demons”, humans, human-born demons (like Stevi and what Pallas used to be). He’s also a devil (demon with an abnormally dark soul). Powers unknown. (Honestly I’m thinking a random power generator for the funsies)”

June 2014.

That demon king arc…

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