Kayn Dean Woods

Gender: Male
Species: Currently human, but born a demon
Date of birth: March 26th, 1996. In current story, he is 17 years old

Although he was born a demon, he did not know he was one until his “awakening”. His parents left him and Theo to be raised by a nanny in order to prevent them from knowing they were demons (and because their parents hate them). Kayn resents his parents partially because of this and the rest because they’re so mean to each other. Once he got a job, he kicked out the nanny since he would be able to pay for food. (The parents did pay rent and utilities). He basically did everything to take care of himself and Theo since their early teenage years.
In high school, Kayn formed a small gang out of his friends. They really have no purpose but asserting their dominance over other students at the high school. Around this time is when he started embracing his sexuality through many many casual sex interactions (and he’s really kinky). If he ever had an actual relationship, it did not last more than a month. He can be quite charming and seductive when he wants to be but his lust or anger problems (and womanizing) would usually be the cause of a girl breaking up with him. On top of trouble with anger and self-control, he has a wicked desire to dominate most situations and always wants to be “the boss” of things, unless he really doesn’t care about the situation.
The first girl he ever really wanted to commit to was Pallas, however, it is uncertain if this was because of his actual feelings or the “demon fate” chosing her because of what she truly is/was.
Kayn’s dark side is a more aggressive, cruel, lustful version of himself. Although Kayn prior to awakening was fairly strong and acted stronger, in demon terms he was actually quite weak. His powers are quite standard for a demon of his species: Mainly fire manipulation, sensing the presence of other beings. He does have the ability to cause explosions at will (and sometimes by accident). Because of the mutant gene still residing in his body, he still has his powers despite now being a human.
Kayn is part of the royal demon family thus should have extraordinary power like the rest of his family in that bloodline but since he and Theo are twins, only one of them could be born with the power and Theo was the chosen one so to speak. But like members of the bloodline, Kayn cannot die by normal means. In his case, if his body dies, it will eventually burst into flames and heal itself and bring him back to life almost like a phoenix. This ability remains with him no matter what species his body becomes as the power resides in his soul.

Random quick facts!: He is afraid of turtles, hates apricots, when they were younger Theo would read Clifford the Big Red Dog to him, likes all kinds of sandwiches

Kayn Reference

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