Pallas Maxandria Stark

Gender: Female
Species: Currently human, but born half-human half-hell demon
Date of birth: March 15th, 1996. In current story, she is 17 years old

Once upon a time her dad had sex with Satan in the form of a woman. Satan gave birth to a girl and a boy and left them on her daddy’s doorstep. Pallas’ real mother is actually Satan. Lucky for her, Satan likes rich guys so Pallas and her brother had quite the childhood.
She became quite famous at a young age (helps that her father is Tony Stark). She starred in movies before delving into music. She’s incredibly intelligent. Tony would read her scientific papers as her bedtime stories. Because of her intelligence and curiosity, she was the one who became Tony’s favorite. Pallas excels at almost everything she tries. This excluding anything involving snow as she despises the cold and won’t have anything to do with it.
Being rich and a daddy’s girl, she’s very spoiled and very used to getting whatever she wants. Thus when she doesn’t get her way, she gets very upset. When she was younger when her dad wasn’t paying enough attention to her, she tried to hire a new father. Her tantrums and melodramatic tendencies resulted in Tony giving her medication (without consulting a doctor) to decrease the frequency of them. She has quite the habit of locking herself in bathrooms when upset.
With her family’s status, she has been kidnapped quite a few times. In some cases by jealous past one night stands of Tony’s that try to convince Pallas that they’re her mother. Pallas does not approve of Tony being Iron Man due to the few times she thought he had died and doesn’t want to go through with that again.
She wants to get a good education and become the top dog of Stark Industries when she grows up, however all of the events after meeting Kayn have thrown a wrench into her plans and nothing is working out the way she wants it.
Pallas’ dark side is more of a mechanism of dealing with Kayn’s dark side. She is more lusty and more prone to violent tantrums.

Random fun facts!: Afraid of thunder and sharknado, hates anything grape, favorite books are the works of Dr. Banner, once had a stalker named Tom

Pallas Reference

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