Stevana “Stevi” Rosaria Coulson

Gender: Female
Species: “God”
Date of birth: August 9th, 1996. In current story, she is 17 years old
Has strange true origins as she is technically a sentient curse, but that will be explained in another reference.

Human life childhood was overall good since she was raised by very loving parents and that is what she required the most. Early childhood was the best years with her good family, lovable pet German shepherd, and best friend that she knew since almost birth. Around 6 years old, her best and only friend died from cancer. Stevi, able to understand death at this age, did not take it very well. She attempted to bleed out in order be reunited with her friend but was found by her parents. The same thing happened a few years later when the family’s dog died. It was apparent that Stevi was prone to the maladaptive reactions to stress that her mom and her side of the family has.

Stevi was unable and unwilling to make any friends afterwards. In middle school, she was often bullied until the last day at that school when she punched the bully. So in high school, classmates avoided her getting the message that she is not interested in anyone. She always tried to put forth a facade around everyone and for most of the time, even to herself, in order to hide away her sadistic thoughts and mannerisms.

Stevi is fascinated with technology and science. Growing up most of what she did in her spare time was read nonfiction books. She was never sure as to what she wanted to do as career but still had hopes of getting a PhD in something. But of course, meeting Theo set many things in motion that essentially prevents her from ever truly accomplishing that.

Stevi’s dark side was basically Stevi’s true self but didn’t care about how others felt and did as she pleased. Stevi and her dark side had many issues with each other and acted more like separate people than altered thoughts. Stevi once tried to “fuse” with her dark side so that there would only be one of them but was not fully successful until they both admitted that they were truly one in the same.

Random fun facts!: As a way of coping, Stevi had a group of imaginary friends during middle school and it was them who taught her how to climb trees, afraid of small dogs due to the overwhelming herd of Dachshunds her aunt has, eats apples when sexually frustrated despite not liking apples, after she recovered from the death of her dog her parents convinced her she could raise the dead so she looked up how to do it and used a chicken for a blood sacrifice, hated being touched when she was a baby and was dropped a few times because of it, don’t be fooled she is really fricking evil

Stevi Reference

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