Theodore Plato Woods

Gender: Male
Species: Currently a “god” but born a demon
Date of birth: March 26th, 1996. In current story, he is 17 years old.

Although he was born a demon, he did not know he was one until his and Kayn’s “awakening”. His parents left them to be raised by a nanny when they were young so that they could be better raised as humans. Theo was mainly raised by Kayn since Kayn eventually took responsibility for them and their care.

Theo was frequently bullied in school since he was a quiet and easy target. Kayn did his best to stand up for him in some cases. Theo, however, was sometimes the victim of Kayn’s bullying. Sometimes Kayn would have Theo dress up as a girl so he wouldn’t be an embarrassment. Theo’s passive attitude enabled bullies to pick on him all the way to high school.

Theo has a strong sense of mortality in terms of he will not do anything he deems immoral. The only time has ever considers a negative action is when he wants to get revenge on Kayn. Theo is very intelligent in terms of schooling. When dealing with people or any kind of social situations, he is basically an idiot. Before his awakening, Theo was equivalent to a physically weaker human, having poor eyesight, poor hand-eye coordination, low strength, and asthma.

At first Theo and Stevi seemed like a perfect match until later developments where it has become obvious that their true personalities clash. It is unknown whether the “demon fate” or mutual attraction to each other’s power keeps them together or what.

Theo’s dark side is more cold, quiet, and mysterious than his normal personality. Theo’s powers revolve around nullifying Stevi’s powers, thus he has strong electromagnetic manipulation abilities. Since becoming a “god”, he has acquired more and stronger powers but they are currently unknown. Unlike Kayn, Theo received the great power of his royal bloodline.

Random quick facts!: Likes country music, used to have a crush on Pallas when he was younger, used to be afraid of rats but now mice instead, secretly has a habit of gambling

Theo Reference

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