Alice Zorn

Gender: Female
Species: Demon

Alice is Theo and Kayn’s grandmother, a very powerful demon from the world called Nussix. She is one of the demons that refuse to physically harm other advanced creatures thus shamed in her world. She is the sister of the king of Nussix and was next in line to the throne. She hates her brother due to his violent and cruel personality. She vowed to overthrow him in any way.
Alice has an army of demons who support her cause and together they were able to kill the king’s soulmate. The king then banished all peace-loving and human-born demons from Nussix and sent them all to the human world. Alice and a few other stronger demons avoided the banishment and hid in Nussix and the human world for years.
Later on, with help from Kayn, Theo, Stevi, and Ika, Alice was able to overthrow the king become the new Queen of Nussix.

Alice has a large list of abilities and powers at her disposal. While she will not directly physically harm anyone, she will not hesitate to cause emotional and mental pain to her enemies. And now, her enemies are any creatures that threaten a large amount of lives, like Stevi. 

Alice Reference

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