Celana “Pants”

Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Breed: German shepherd

In an attempt to get closer with Stevi, Theo brought home this puppy as a surprise. Stevi fell in love with her new pup instantly. They quickly learned that the puppy has an affinity for licking pants so Stevi named her Celana, which is Indonesian for “pants”.

Celana had a short rough life before being adopted, due to how her parents were depressed and neglectful.
Being around two gods for extended amounts of time has increased her intelligence and her closeness with Stevi has given her weird empathy. If Stevi is grumpy, Celana acts like a sassy jerk whenever she’s around.

Celana has expressed interest in becoming immortal and gaining some powers so she can stay with Stevi and Theo longer than her mortal body will allow. …She also wants to become the first dog superhero. (No one tell her she wouldn’t be the first, it’ll break her poor little heart.)

Celana Reference

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