Clarise Coulson

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of birth: June 7, 1968

Phil Coulson’s wife.
Before becoming a stay at home mother, she was an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. An incident in Egypt during a mission caused her to be possessed, with what would later be Stevi. She was driven insane due to the possession but was quickly subdued by Nick Fury before she could harm anyone. She ended up being hospitalized for a few days before regaining her consciousness. When she did, she was back to normal despite still having the curse inside of her. Thus she became the first human who was able to nullify the curse’s power. However, Fury never disclosed what had really happened to anyone. After this incident, she decided to quit being an agent and remained at home where she was constantly watched by S.H.E.I.L.D. though she didn’t really care. A year or so later, Clarise became pregnant with Stevi which was 98% of the curse.

Clarise appears to be a very kind and gentle person. She cares a lot for Stevi and Phil. She is also a phenomenal cook. Cannot go into words about how good she is. It’s crazy and no one’s where she learned to cook.
Another tidbit, she happens to be the only thing that can withstand Stevi’s willpower draining ability. It is unknown as to why.

Random fun facts: Gave Phil the nickname, Butterfingers for various reasons. We didn’t actually have a name for her until a few months in, it kinda just happened and I ended up freaking out on Twitter. However, we still call her “Mom”. There are rumors that she might be HYDRA but we’re well past the HYDRA takeover and she never did anything so no one knows. (Although for fun drama, if she was HYDRA it could be terrible because she kinda has control over her daughter in a way – talk about world domination) 

Clarise Reference

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