So we have yet another AU, inspired by the color palette doodle of “what if Kayn was Ammit’s son?”

So basically, Kayn is the son of Ammit (who is also male in this). And he’s in the Coulson family and the twin brother of Max. Kayn thus is a brunette and a change in eye color. And yes, the cursed eyes are the same. Also this Kayn is actually smart except for when it comes to anything socially.Then he’s dumb as hell and really rude to girls. It’s bad.

Theo and Pallas are twins in this one. Pallas dyes his hair with her leftover dyes so he usually has the same hair color as her most of the time. And his bluish eyes are because Pallas decided to build one of those machines that takes off the melanin in the iris. The machine wasn’t 100% so now Theo is visually impaired.

And then there’s a chibi male humanoid Ammit. Literally just shorter hair and no boobs.

Stevi is instead the Woods’ child and the only demon out of the four. She literally has original Theo’s hair and eye color. Her personality is that of a fusion of original Kayn and original Theo so “aggressive nerd”. Also in this universe, the Woods parents are more loving but are never around so we finally get a rich and pampered Stevi, but she basically never sees her parents.

And hilariously Pallas is the exact same as original Pallas.

New AU Doodles

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