Gender: Male
Species: Human

One of the members of Kayn’s gang. Steve is real grade A jerk. He’s incredibly jealous of Kayn and his success with girls.

He ends up kidnapped by a famous supervillain and experimented on, as well as some other people. Steve gains superhuman speed through the experiments. He and the other victims are then ditched by the supervillain. They come together make a group to fight back against S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Avengers. Steve doesn’t really care about the real purpose of the group, but rather can’t wait to get revenge on Kayn so he complies. The group’s antics quickly backfire and Steve meets his demise.


Gender: Male
Species: Human

Another member of Kayn’s gang. He’s the relatively normal one.
When Kayn defected from the gang, Thomas was the one to take over. 

Steve and Thomas Reference

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