Richard Woods

Gender: Male
Species: Demon

Kayn’s and Theo’s father.

Meredith Woods

Gender: Female
Species: Demon

Kayn’s and Theo’s mother.

Meredith found Richard as a feral demon near the kingdom’s castle when they were children. Meredith helped him through adjusting to civilized demon life and taught him the ways of abstaining from violence like how she was raised by her mother, Alice. Meredith and Richard became the best of friends and eventually lovers. They both joined Alice in the rebellion against the Lucas, the king. Meredith, having the royal power, was the greatest asset in the rebellion due to her very sacred ability of being able to manipulate the soul ties between demons and their soulmates. Meredith used that power to sever the tie between Lucas and his mate but it resulted in Lucas’ mate committing suicide. This scarred Meredith to her very core and secretly vowed to never use that power ever again.

Meredith and Richard were kicked out of Nussix, the demon world, and they ended up in the demon world. They adjusted easily into human life and became lawyers. They quickly rose to the top in their field. When it came time to have children, they decided to neglect their children and have nannies raise them instead. This was so they could effectively have their demon child mature faster and gain more violent powers so they could send that child back to Nussix to defeat the king. Because of this, they have a terrible relationship with Kayn and Theo and their plan was completely in vain since the more aggressive child, Kayn, was not the one who ended up with the royal power. Meredith now regrets her actions and wants to make things right.

Although, both Richard and Meredith avoid physical harm towards most creatures, they’re not afraid to be verbally cruel to anyone. But they also don’t care about making friends with any humans. They are so close, that they only ever need each other’s company. Their favorite pasttime is to make fun of their coworkers while cuddling and sipping wine

Woods Parents Reference

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