My Monster of the Week character, the Monstrous Allspice

Allspice is the abomination created out of 20 different monsters. Dr. Flopsy made them to be the ultimate monster. The souls of 19 of those 20 monsters still reside within Allspice and tormented Allspice for most of their early life when they were fading in and out of consciousness. 1 soul, however, was trying to warn Allspice about Dr. Flopsy. And they succeeded since the moment Allspice was able to break out, they ran away and also rescued an innocent woman named Delphi.

Delphi and Allspice knew nothing of what the world outside contained. They spent their time exploring around. Allspice did their best to keep Delphi safe at all times. Well, until one day when they got distracted by something and ran off, leaving Delphi behind. Allspice got lost but was eventually found by another woman, Jane.

Jane took Allspice in, sort of like a pet, sort of like ET. Eventually the Fellowship of the Dice found out and forced Allspice, Beebo, and Jane to work for the Fellowship.

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