Brook’s Monster of the Week character, the Spooky Delphi.

After getting roped into a weird cult’s ritual by her brother, her brother is sacrificed to summon the Great Demon Mystique. Delphi makes a deal with the demon Mystique to bring her brother back to life. Mystique agrees to the deal, but ends up bringing Delphi’s brother back as a zombie instead. Mystique ends up possessing Delphi and makes her lose her memories, but also grants Delphi magical powers.

A monster hunter gets Delphi out of the cult situation and brings her back to a villain’s lair before going back to retrieve the zombie brother. Delphi spends most of her time here alone with no clue what’s going on or who she is. All she knows is her name and that she has powers.

After sometime the lair is under attack and a strange monster, Allspice, takes Delphi and they escape from the lair. They spend their days wandering around, trying to learn more about the outside world.

One day, Allspice disappears so Delphi searches for them in a nearby town. Delphi discovers some other girl, Jane, is housing her friend. Delphi initially hates Jane and tries to get Allspice back. However, the Fellowship of the Dice learn about Delphi, Allspice, and Jane and force them to work for the Fellowship.


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