Beebo is a monster hunter that used to work for Dr. Flopsy. She captured all of the monsters that were used in creating Allspice, including Delphi’s reanimated zombie brother (and Delphi because she was around).

Beebo eventually realized her actions and Dr. Flopsy’s plans were immoral so she attempted to sabotage Dr. Flopsy’s true plan with Allspice by convincing him to include a divine beast. Before Dr. Flopsy’s project was complete, a divine attacked the lair and Beebo was forced to fight off the divine while Dr. Flopsy fled.

Beebo then spent her time returning to the families of the monsters she captured to apologize to them and earn their trust.

The Fellowship of the Dice found out about her involvement with Dr. Flopsy and Allspice, and forced her to work for them.

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