AU Hell doodles 2

“I spent some of my birthday doodling more of AU Hell. 

Alex got sent back to his universe last night against his will. But he got some very fortunate news……

Zora has yet to find out that Alex literally got kidnapped.

A lot of speedster Barrys showed up. Noella and Elly are very sensitive to the speed force so they are very overwhelmed right now. Cisco might have an actual stroke who knows.

Elly had trained herself to communicate with the Others a long time ago, they’ve gotten to the point where they both can be “in control” at the same time when Elly needs help processing things. (Like now in the case of sensory overload from all them speedsters) She loses her sense of sight whenever the Others help out like this (since the pupil goes to light blue and whatnot).

The zombie in the car thing actually happened with Lex. He seriously lost his fav car to a zombie.

Oh hey, there’s a reason why Elly wears gloves basically all the time. No one’s asked her about it yet. But uh, let’s just say the Others tried their hardest to grow back hands……

Noella accidentally learned how to set her breath on fire while she was hiding in a cabinet. ….She’s been hiding in a cabinet a lot.

Evil Barry hasn’t showed up yet to my knowledge but I wanted to draw him…” – Dec 2016

Evil Barry never happened lol

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