“Lex was on painkillers when he started calling Zora a kitty, but Zora is no kitty. She is full on a puppy. Why can’t he understand???

Noella’s the kitty. The asshole cat who knocks things off your desk while maintaining eye contact with you.

Lilly had a run in with “The Blue Flash” who is supposedly a Noella from another universe who supposedly wants someone who has The Others. Why? They don’t know yet. We just know Blue is an angry little speedster.

Speaking of The Others, they found out about Barry’s death before Noella consciously did. While they don’t actually feel anything emotionally, they know Noella will be really sad so they are mimicking the appropriate response.

Lena is amnesiac Noella’s big time crush. Noella’s trying to get with her while being genuine about things and not succeeding at the moment.

Noella will take proving that Zora is a puppy into her own hands if she has to!” – Jan 2017

AU Hell doodles 3

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