X World doodles

“Long overdue “X World” doodles, the AU where everything’s all flip flopped

Zora is more like our Lex, a scrawny evil genius, but also a huge pushover when it comes to her adopted sister Lena. 
Lena is actively evil and created The Others and became obsessed with them (as opposed to being heavily creeped out by them), oh and guess who was the kidnapped victim of her experimentations? 
Barry. He is suffering. 
And there’s Xander who is basically a male version of our Zora. He just wants Zora to pay attention to him, but noooo she’s too busy also obsessing over Barry. Xander’s current grudge against Zora is probably the only reason why he hasn’t been freaking out without her yet. Damn he beefy.
Blue is fairly similar to our Noella, just way angrier and less patient, and also a speedster. Her bad attitude probably comes from having the Reverse Flash as a mentor. Blue isn’t The Flash equivalent… that title goes to Iris.” – Mar 2017

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