Heat Vamps

“Look at these losers who screwed up and turned themselves into metas.

Jacob “Hailstone” is our other heat vampire. He’s already excited about having powers because 1.) He moved up in the hierarchy of Slade’s circle since he’s a good counter to those pesky speedsters. 2.) He knows someone else who has “a similar condition” and therefore already knows what he needs to know. 3.) He enjoys the idea of having a rival who happens to have the same exact powers as him. 4.) Cares nothing for his appearance beforehand so that doesn’t matter. 5.) Already a homicidal bastard.

Noella is thrilled about nothing regarding any of this. (Her skin’s more blue than what I initially decided; also the change is permanent whoops) ” – May 2017

People messed too much with Noella so it’s not permanent anymore

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