Noella Reference

Name: Noella Icelyn Fries
Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)
Species: Meta human/Other Being
Height: 5’02”
Date of Birth: January 13, 1997

Noella is generally impulsive and reckless, often displaying little care for her own safety. She is mischievous and often causes trouble for fun. Especially pre-story, she is not above manipulating people for her own gain and exacting punishment for those she feels deserves it. She tries to suppress her feelings instead of learning how to properly cope, but this has been significantly harder for her since acquiring her powers. While Noella doesn’t care much for most people, she cares deeply for people she does like, and will not hesitate put their needs before her own. Deep down she feels immense guilt over the choices she has made in her life and would like to change the path she is on.

-Other Being physiology:
—Breaking the laws of thermodynamics – control over temperature, entropy, state of matter, etc. of matter she can sense. Controlled through her emotions, has no “off button”
—Thermal immunity – immune to effects from temperature. Does not have the conventional sense of temperature.
—Energy sensing – Referred to as her “Other Sense”, can feel most types of energy within a certain range, has no “off button”
—Conditional biological manipulation – Includes adaptation, poison/disease/etc resistance/immunity, regeneration for self. On other Other Beings, sharing thoughts/memories/knowledge and body control.
—Limitations: Powers are very physically and mentally strenuous to the point in which overexerting herself can kill her. Requires more sleep and nutrients than the average person. Regeneration is incredibly painful.

The Others quick explanation:
The Others are the hivemind of the cells within the nervous and circulatory system. While they come with the powers, the more sentient version of them only forms after Noella dies and comes back to life. (One can also inherit the Others is a variety of ways as well.) Becoming more sentient takes a lot of resources. There has been a lot of confusion over what the Others are, but they describe themselves as, “the hivemind of all the cells in her full nervous system, including powers in a sense. More like intelligent instincts. Not part of the ‘soul’. Can’t be offensive, only defensive.” The Others’ purpose is to protect the consciousness (including emotionally) and protect themselves.
The Others usually take over if Noella becomes unconscious (passed out, asleep, etc). When they take over, Noella is blind and her eyes change color. The color change is so that other people are aware that it’s them, not the consciousness. It also possible for the Others and Noella’s consciousness to be in control simultaneously.

Full body reference. Noella is quite injury prone, so she has accumulated a few scars. She normally keeps these covered up.

History (pre-story):
Noella is the only child of Victor and Nora Fries. She had a loving and happy childhood until her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her father had the plan of cryogenically freezing her mother until he was able to find a cure for the illness, but an accident occurred that shattered her mother and sent her father into prison. Noella panicked and fled from home, choosing to hide in the city and get wrapped up in shady situations. She quickly became a thief and a murderer, obsessed with getting revenge on her father for being responsible for her mother’s death. After hearing word of her father’s escape from prison, she returned to him in order to begin a long con that she planned on ending by brutally backstabbing him once the timing was right. Together they continue a path of villainy and her father becomes Mister Freeze. 7 years later, Noella almost dies due to her weakening immune system. So she gets the idea to create a serum to help her but unexpectedly gives herself superpowers.

Later on the story, Noella gets her own suit to better hide her identity when she becomes more involved in being a vigilante. This persona of hers goes by the name of “Zero”.

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