Fade Reference

Visual ref for Fade. I don’t have much of their story or other things all that planned out yet since they were more or less an accidental creation. But I love them and wanted to make a ref for them.

So the basic deal is that Fade used to be a powerful 9-tailed kitsune but something happened that caused their power to split almost in half. This resulted in having two forms aesthetically and in terms of abilities. Fade shifts back & forth between the two forms based on certain emotions & thought processes, so it’s pretty much uncontrollable. The above is their more commonly seen form. Below is their other form, that I kinda just call Foggy Fade

And then since I do draw Fade’s past form a lot, I also did one of what they used to look like

Fade occasionally transforms into a human for funsies. While they are able to transform into any appearance they usually prefer this one:

They of course can choose to wear other clothing, but they insist on remaining mostly covered up, including wearing gloves at all times. The other constant is wearing a necklace to hold their hoshi no tama.

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