Zatch Bell question tag

My friend made one of those question tags for ZB on twitter, which you can find here. I decided to what were supposed to be quick doodles along with my answers

  1. Favorite bookkeeper-demon partnership

Dufort and Zeon, of course. I’ve loved them ever since I got into the series. I could go on and on about them but I’m not concise enough to not write incoherent paragraphs.

2. Favorite non-bookkeeper/demon character

It’s Hana. She good mom. I love her. Also shoutout to how she lets Kiyomaro go places and have friends over all time, like she just so happy to see Kiyomaro come back out of his shell.

3. If you could change one thing in the plot what would it be?

How can I choose just ONE THING LOL. I wish we got more character interactions within the main series. Like Raiku was able to give some via cafe BUT SHOULD’VE GIVEN MORE SOONER. At least the main 4 bookkeepers hanging out or something. How are they friends

4. Favorite arc

Faudo arc babey! Has my top 3 teams. All around is very engaging and concludes nicely. I could scream. Obviously I only mean the manga here. Anime killed it lmao

5. Favorite villain

I mean Obviously it’s Zeon, so I’ll say my 2nd fave. I really like Clear, don’t @ me, I don’t understand why, it is just how it is

6. Saddest flashback

Okay so for me Sherie’s is the saddest, but that hits way too close to home for me to draw so, second place … There is something about the memories of Gash’s that Zeon sees that hits me so damn hard. I can never get this part out of my head.

7. Most touching/wholesome moment

OKAY THIS PART OKAY. LIKE AAAAAAAAA! A very close second goes to Gash Cafe 11 with Umagon’s message to Sunbeam.

8. Least favorite arc

Anime-wise, the mirror arc. For the manga, the early arc. Only because I’ve experienced it so much compared to the rest of them.

9. A character everyone loves but you don’t

I’m sorry, but Kolulu. I don’t dislike her but she makes me feel so fatigued. Anime overdid it with the flashbacks for me unfortunately.

10. Favorite OP/ED soundtrack

MIENAI TSUBASA FOR OP, EASILY. ED is Aso FEVER, which I think is mainly out of nostalgia to me because it was the first ED I actually watched/listened to.

11. Best character debut

Okay, this is a tie and it’s all based purely on the hype I had for these two characters’ appearances back when the anime came out in the US. Dufort and Sunbeam.

12. Most emotional character departure

I always just get so slam dunked by Kido’s no matter how often I read/watch it SO

13. Favorite spell

I Really love practically all of the beast spells, but especially Baou Zakeruga, Ragikoru Fangu, Shaou Niodoruku, and Suou Giakuru. HONESTLY, I just love most of the spells.

14. Character that should have left sooner

Papipurio. I just. I just don’t like him. Just specifically him. Rupa should’ve had a better demon partner. In general Rupa just deserves Better

15. Demon you’d have liked to become king

Excluding Gash, I would’ve liked to see Barry become king. Honestly I wish Barry was in longer than Brago. Barry and Gash had more of a rivalry than Brago and Gash did so yeah lmao.

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