Fade Reference

Visual ref for Fade. I don’t have much of their story or other things all that planned out yet since they were more or less an accidental creation. But I love them and wanted to make a ref for them.

So the basic deal is that Fade used to be a powerful 9-tailed kitsune but something happened that caused their power to split almost in half. This resulted in having two forms aesthetically and in terms of abilities. Fade shifts back & forth between the two forms based on certain emotions & thought processes, so it’s pretty much uncontrollable. The above is their more commonly seen form. Below is their other form, that I kinda just call Foggy Fade

And then since I do draw Fade’s past form a lot, I also did one of what they used to look like

Fade occasionally transforms into a human for funsies. While they are able to transform into any appearance they usually prefer this one:

They of course can choose to wear other clothing, but they insist on remaining mostly covered up, including wearing gloves at all times. The other constant is wearing a necklace to hold their hoshi no tama.

Eventful Horizons

“Can’t explain it to you, I just feel this way
Life just works out better when you’re around
Take this how you want it, feel this deep inside
Life just tastes the sweeter when you’re around”

Eventful Horizons // Anchor & Braille


“I don’t feel that I’m safe
I push you all away
‘Cause I don’t want to be me anymore”

I am not sure if this song will get released any time soon or if I even got the lyrics right lol


This was an idea I had for the future “Not my home” draw but I’m going with something different for it so I decided to just use this idea for a vent draw & experiment a bit